mother’s day pressures

i am very disappointed in myself and wish I was a better person than this. how could I conduct myself in this manner? how do I allow myself the unceremonious practice of planning nothing and doing nothing on a date like this, May 7, 2016, Mothers Day.
I did receive a speech from my mother saying that everyday is mothers day and that I have given forth to her all of the time. I do not believe this to be entirely true but just the perfect statement coming from a loving mother.
yet still haunted by the social pressures of the common society, I feel so pressure and obliged to do something spectacular for my mother. I suppose a record of all you have done for your mother since your existence is wise to top your efforts the next.
or perhaps staying healthy wealthy and wise is all a mother wants to hear. or perhaps a dinner of appreciation is in order. why not? hosting a party might just be enough to show you dare to care.
cooking is the master problem. if you can’t host how proud can a mother be to say “that’s my son and that’s his doing”.
in self reflection and loathing, I come to a realization and conclusion that hosting a party for guests would  be of great value to my mom. she wouldnt have to spend anything and she would eat like the queen that she is.
I must learn how to cook for my own survival and the survival of the species.
then again to buy your way into her pleasures is to buy a box of chocolates that says remember your son for he provides the greatest sweets a tunge has to offer.
what will I do young master? what will I do indeed?